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est. 1992
Massachusetts & New Hampshire

At Double Whammy we provide high quality disc jockey and/or karaoke entertainment, at a reasonable price. We are an owner operated company ... Not An Agency! This is important to you because we will confer with you in person before your big day -- be it a wedding reception, anniversary, birthday, graduation, or retirement party, and go over all the entertainment details of your event!
When your special day arrives, we will meet again!

We offer the following for your entertainment needs:
Up to 7 hours of DJ and/or Karaoke services
Large assortment of dance songs available by request
Dance Floor Lights
Thousands of karaoke tunes
Host Karaoke Singing

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Reasonable prices starting at just $350.00* depend on location, hours needed, and services required.


No charge to you for set-up or break-down!!!

Do not risk all your hard planning just to save a little money. The DJ is most important to the success of your event.

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The following are questions your disc jockey will need you to answer. This information will allow your wedding to run smoothly.

Name of Bride:
Name of Groom:
Date of Wedding:
Are you having a ceremony at the reception hall?
Time of arrival at the reception hall:
How many guests (No wedding is too big or too small!):

List couples in the order to be called
1. Parents of the Bride:
2. Parents of the Groom:
3. Flower Girl:
4. Ring Bearer:
5. bridesmaids and ushers
6. Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man:
7. Bride and Groom:

Need a theme song? We'll help you pick out one that fits your style.

Recommended order of events
1. Introductions (Parents, wedding Party, Bride & Groom)

2. Blessing given by?

3. Toast given by?

4. Cutting the cake: Music selection? We highly recommend traditional.

5. Dinner: Jazz, light rock, or other preferences.

6. Give away center pieces? Yes or No. If yes, how would you like this done?

7. First dance - Bride & Groom - Need a song idea? Let us help!

8. Bride dances with father: Yes or No. If yes, we'll need a music selection.

9. Groom dances with mother: Yes or No. If yes, we'll need a music selection.

10. Bouquet & Garter? Yes, we want to do this, or no, we do not want this done.

11. Bride & Groom change: Do you plan to change out of your wedding attire?

12. Re-introduction: Do you want to be re-introduced after you change?

13. Circle around the Bride & Groom: This is something people do automatically during the last dance.

14. Bride & Groom last Dance: We'll need a music selection. Again, choose from our extensive music library!

15. We'll need a list of songs you definitely want played and those you definitely do not want us to play.

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Music is very subjective and new songs come out frequently. We at Double Whammy DJ and Karaoke understand you have hours of planning time and maybe thousands of dollars invested to ensure the perfect event. To set your mind a little more at ease we’ve put together a list of our most requested songs from yesterday and today, from hip hop to country. These tunes work well at any event. It will be our pleasure to not only provide you with a list for review at a future meeting, but take the time to help you put together a unique list for your special day! We update all our music each and every month!

Since we bring over seven thousand songs to your event, we are happy to take that special dance request at no additional charge!

Remember, an experienced, professional disc jockey will be right there to judge the entertainment needs of your day.

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